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Back to School Picks

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Ready to go back to school?

Let's be honest.

The fact that school is about to start and there is nothing you can do to make summer vacation longer, is a bit of a downer.  Many cringes just having the thought of dealing with teachers, deadlines for homework and projects, and taking exams.  

But hey! Look at the bright side.  You got all the new stuff getting ready for classes - bags, books, pens, and of course, clothes! This is the time that you can show your friends at school how trendy and stylish you are.

The season in which school starts is the best since it is in the middle of changing from one season to another.  The weather is not too hot nor too cold.  You have a variety of style options to choose from summer and fall seasons.  You can mix and match styles from both seasons to get that perfect chic look.

We picked a few styles that are trendy, comfortable and perfect for school.
A simple tee, sweatpants and hoodie is perfect for the young and active.  To get that look, check out our Muscle Tank Tunic Top, Spring Fleece Jinx Hoodie, and Rosie Pants.
If you want an easy slip-on, wear your favorite dress and flats.  Perfect match for someone who is always on-the-go.  Check out our collection of dresses.
Simple style formula:
Sweater + Skirt = Perfect combination

Click here to view our skirt collection and sweater collection.
One of the best ways to overcome school anxiety is to feel good about yourself, not only the way you look but, most importantly, how it feels.


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